The Zambezi Shark

zambezi shark

The Zambezi shark, also known as the bull shark, is well known for being the culprit of many killings in Southern Africa in 1957. These killings were known otherwise as Black December. To prevent other killings, local coastguards set nets up to prevent them getting through, but sadly many other sea mammals that needed air to breathe and were caught in the nets died. This species of shark is about half the size of a Great White, which is roughly about 6m, but has sharper senses. It takes only one disturbance in the water and this shark is on to you like a moth with a light. Surprisingly, this shark can not only swim in saltwater seas but roams in freshwater rivers also. No one is sure why but some believe it is to clean the body of any parasites caught while swimming in the ocean. Females will also go into freshwater rivers to give birth. Their gestation period is about a year and 6-12 youngsters can be born. This shark is currently endangered because of getting tangled up in nets and loss of some fish which it preys on.

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