Whales and Dolphins

whales and dolphins

Whales and dolphins are both sea mammals which travel in schools (lots of them). Dolphins are a small sea mammal related to whales because they come from the same family, Cetacea (pronounced sey-tay-sha).

Both of these sea mammals both live in the water all their lives. The whale can measure up to 100ft or more in length where as a dolphin measures up to 9-10 ft. A whale’s diet varies because of this species. For example a sperm whale may dive into the dark depths of the ocean to hunt giant squid but a humpback whale swim about swallowing krill and other tiny plankton. A dolphin’s diet consists of mainly just fish. Where these creatures swim is very different, a dolphin may swim very close to the beach, as close as we would be standing in the water at chest height. Whereas whales live in the deep ocean. Both these sea creatures are endangered

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