The Whale Shark

The whale shark is by far the biggest fish around the globe. However, despite its scary appearance, it does not hurt humans regularly, and lives almost entirely on tiny shrimp called plankton , filtering this food through its gills.

Its mouth is at the end of its nose– an unusual place for a shark- and although its jaw can be over one metre (31/(3¼ foot) across, they are armed with the smallest of sharp teeth. This species of shark regularly feeds by cruising slowly near the surface, where they show a tiny alarm being approached. They also have been recorded feeding in a vertical position, using their mouths like immense shovels to trap food. Its weight is at least 11¾ tonnes (12 tonnes), its length is about 12m (39 foot) maximum 14m (46 foot). They live in warm waters of the globe. Pollution and overfishing of the seas have led to its endangerment

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