Whale Shark Facts

whale shark

Whale Shark Facts

1) It is the largest fish in the sea as it can reach up to 40 ft (12ft) or more.

2) Its back and side are gray to russet with ashen spots among pastel straight and sideway stripes, and its tummy is colorless.

3) Since it prefers warm waters, this species of shark inhabits most tropical seas.

4) Although vicious-looking, they are actually pretty tame and sometimes tolerate swimmers to snag a ride

5) It has a flattened head with a blunted snout on top of its jaw and its dorsal fins are set backwards on its body.

6) Lucky for us and most other sea animals, like the basking shark, its favourite food is plankton.

7) Since these creatures are so big that they don’t pay attention to boats

8) It is quite rare to see a whale shark alone, usually a group of fish swim around it

9) The Japanese people consider this shark as good-luck symbol.

10) People think that this fish came around 60million making one making it one of the Earth’s older species alive today.

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