Whale Hunting

whale hunting

Also called whaling, whale hunting has been going on for thousands of years. The whales are hunted because of whale meat and oil.

In the late 1930’s over 50,000 whales were killed each year. By the middle of the century, whale populations were not recovering and then in 1986 IWC banned commercial whaling so populations might recover. Many groups today believe whaling is immortal and may never stop. Main countries which hunt whales are Japan, Canada, Norway, Russia, Greenland and Iceland. The WWFN says that 90% of all Northern Whales are killed from ship collision. Illegal hunting of whales has also been going on. In 1993 there was evidence of it when whale meat and blubber was sold in an open market in Japan. Over the years whale defenders and whalers have been arguing over the matter of whether it is right or not. So far it is undecided. What do you think?

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