The Sumatran Rhino

sumatran rhino

The Sumatran Rhino is known to be the smallest and most threatened of the five species of rhino which are alive today. Some have nicknamed this rhino because of the long coarse hairs on its back and tuffs of hair on its ears. This species of rhino is from 236-318cm long and from 112-145cm tall. It has reddish brown skin and is the only rhino is Asia to have two horns although they are very small and females have been known to sometimes not have any. It feeds on many varieties on plants and also fruit, bark, shrubs and vines and is fond of wild mangos, bamboo and figs. This species of rhino is found mainly in Indonesia and Peninsular Malaysia but there are scattered populations around the South-East areas of Asia. This rhino is on the brink of extinction because of deforestation and poaching. Even after attempts to preserve this rhino, they have failed and there is only a small 275 of them left today.

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