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The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard resembles the leopard in its variety of food. It lives in central and South East Asia.

The length it can reach can be up to 1-1.3m and its tail can be from 80-100cm long. The weight of this cat can be from 25-75kg or 55-165lbs. The leopard has short mighty, bulky legs which help it assist it in climbing up trees. It prefers crags and ridges in steppe, rocky shrub and conifer forests. It hunts yak, asses, wild sheep goats and hares. The leopard is solitary and they only come together to mate. In a litter 4-5 cubs may be born. It is unknown to man how long the leopard can live up to but they have been known to survive for up to 21 years in captivity. It can be found in the mountains in altitudes of 5,000m or 16,500 ft. This species of leopard is currently one of the most endangered animals.

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