The Riverine Rabbit

riverine rabbit

The Riverine Rabbit lives in South Africas Karoo Desert. It has long moveable ears with a shady coffee colour streak running from the edge of the mouth and diagonally the cheek towards the bottom of its ear and a large club-like rear paw. Its coat is cream-coloured on the tummy and throat with an evenly brown woolly tail. Its body is from 37.7-40 cm long with a tail measure of 7-10.8 cm and weighs from roughly 1.5-1.8kg. The rabbit eats mainly wild flowers and leaves and when the weather is wet, grass. This species of rabbit is nocturnal and spends its day in a bowl shaped hole under a bush. The rabbit is mainly endangered because of habitat loss by over-grazing livestock. It is estimated that only a mere 250 rabbits survive today in the wild.

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