Minke Whale

minke whale

The Minke whale is found in all oceans and occasionally they are observed in the tropics. They seem to prefer icy waters, and are found right up to the edge of the icepack in Polar Regions, and have actually become entrapped in the ice fields on occasion. It is the smallest member of the rorqual family of whales its body is slender and streamlined. Like all rorquals, it has a series of 50 to 70 ventral grooves, or pleats, that expand during feeding. Adult males average about 8 m with a maximum length of 9.4 m, while adult females average 8.2 m with a maximum length of 10.2. It is counter-shaded-black to dark gray on top, white below. They feed primarily on krill in the southern hemisphere and on small schooling fish (capelin, cod, herring, Pollock) or krill in the northern hemisphere. They will also eat copepods in certain areas.

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