The Giant Armadillo

giant armadillo endangered animals

The largest armadillo, the giant armadillo has approximately twelve slightly flexible hinged plates over its body and three to four over its neck. The animals long, tapering tail is also mostly armoured. The main body colour is brownish, with a pale yellow white head, tail and band along the lower edges of the plates. The extremely large third front claw is used to rip up soil for tiny food items – mainly termites, ants, worms, spiders, small snakes and lizards. The front claws also dig a burrow in which this armadillo shelters by day. It feeds in a place for two to three weeks, then moves on. Its weight is estimated to be around 30 kilograms ( 66lb ), its tail might be around 50cm ( 20 inches ) and its length is about 75 to 100cm ( 30 to 90 inches).Lives as an individual in North and Central South America

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