The Fin Whale

fin whale

The fin whale is the second largest whale but also one of the fastest. It can be found in worldwide oceans except the East Mediterranean sea, Baltic Sea, Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. The sounds it makes consist of hums, squeals and a vastly loud, deep moan. Like other whales sounds these amazing calls can be heard hundreds of kilometres away and like most other whales again it undertakes time-consuming migrations from lofty latitudes in the summer to tropical areas for winter as well as breeding. When travelling, the distance the whale travels is about 90miles a day. When pregnant, a female will have a gestation period of about 11 months and have usually one calf. The calf is about 21ft long and will wean for about 9-10 months. Females only have one calf almost certainly every 2 years These whales travel in pods of about 2-7 whales but if there is more, not past 20. This species of whale is endangered because of hunting and pollution.

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