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The Clouded Leopard

The Clouded Leopard

The name was given to this big cat by referring to the large cloud-like spots on its body .The spots are usually dark brown with a black outline.

This coat colour helps for the leopard to blend in when it’s in its habitat. It can be from 10-16 inches from its shoulders, 2-3 feet long and its tail also measures 2-3 feet and its weight can be 35-50lbs with females usually weighing less.

Very little is known about their lifespan but the leopards in captivity have been known to survive to 17 years. This species of leopard eats anything from monkeys to wild pigs. They live at forest elevations of 8.000 feet and spend most of their time in a tree .Whenever it spots its prey it leaps from the tree seizing the catch to the ground. Little is known about their behaviour but they are solitary animals and only come together to breed. The leopards mating season can be anytime between December and March, gestation period from 85-93 days and 1-5 cubs in every litter.

They are currently endangered because of hunting by man and through loss of their habitat.

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