The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is a large powerfully-built bird with a wingspan of 2.5m. This species of eagle can be 71-96cm long and 3-6.5 kg.

The bird lives in North America and although it is found well away from water when wintering, they are usually sighted close to lakes and rivers where they have more than enough access to fish. When the females mate, they mate for life. They reinforce their bond by doing spectacular flight displays using undulating flights, swoops at one another and cart-wheeling through the air. Together they build a nest which is commonly very big and can reach up to 4m high. This species of eagle start to breed when they are 5 years old and usually 2 or 3 eggs are laid. Though the young are cared and looked after by both parents a high percentage do not survive their first year.

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