Asiatic Black Bear

Familiar to the American black bear in appearance and habits, the Asiatic black bear will spend 50per cent of his time up in trees.

Its most popular foods include acorns, beech and other nuts, fruits such as bamboo shoots, leaves and cherries, grasses, herbs, grubs and mini beasts such as ants. Where its natural habitat has been farmed and become fragmented, this bear may destroy maize and other crops and , on occasions, has caused human death. Eight months after mating the female bear gives birth and in her winter den to one to three(commonly two)cubs. This species of black bear is stalked for its body parts (especially the gall bladder), which are used in Asian cuisine and medicines. Its length is normally 1.3m – 1.9, its weight between 100-200kg and it lives in East., South., and S.E. Asia.

asiatic black bear

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