The Andean Cat

Very little is known about the rare Andean cat or mountain cat’s habitat. The cat is small and sturdy with a long fuzzy tail.

It has a thick warm greyish brown fur with vertical stripes on its upper back, rosette shaped spots on its flanks and bands around the leg and tail. It inhabits slopes which are rocky and dry and above the tree-line, mostly 3,000m or 9,900 ft. It lives in western area of the South American continent. The feline eats mainly rodents such as viscachas and chinchillas. It is 58-64 cm long or 23-25 inches, 41-48cm for its tail and weighs 4kg or 8 ¾ lbs. It is endangered not because of hunting or habitat loss but endangered because of hunting threatens some of the species it will eat.

endangered andean cat

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