Alligator Sanpping Turtle

alligator snapping turtle

The alligator snapping turtle is an alarming animal and also the world’s largest freshwater turtle. Like the matamata turtle, it hunts its prey generally by just sitting and waiting. It also has a lure which entices fish towards it razor-sharp teeth and jaws. This species of turtle is active at night meaning it is a nocturnal reptile. The turtle is about 40-80 cm long (16-32 inches) and can weigh a maximum of 100kg. The turtle is an aquatic reptile which means it lives in lakes or rivers. Only males will live at the bottom of these places all their lives but in spring, females have to go up onto land to lay eggs because she is oviparous, meaning she lays her eggs. It a clutch, usually from 10-50 eggs are laid buried in either the mud or sand. This turtle is endangered because of overharvesting, illegal pet trade and from being eaten as a food.

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