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About us the people (children) behind the Most Endangered Animals website. The site is operated by brothers and sister Alec, Grace and Harry aged 14, 11 and 9 respectively. We live in the beautiful little village of Moira about 20km from Belfast city (find out about the best flights to Belfast )in Northern Ireland were isn’t any endangered animals that we are aware of.

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We made this site as we are all very concerned about such beautiful animals, which are endangered and might not be around for much longer. But more importantly we are worried about the potential loss of any animal species , as that has repercussions for everyone both other animals and the human population who inhabit this wonderful earth. Most of these animals are threatened because of hunting by man, destruction of habitat as the human population expands and for medicine. Inside each page on a specific animal species contains further information about the animal, such as what it eats and the habitat it lives in. Grace’s favourite animal is the king cheetah. Alec’s Favourite animal is any species of wolf. Harry’s favourite animal is a royal bengal tiger. Now you know more about the people behind the website, now find out more about all the endangered animals of the world by going from about us back to the home page of the most endangered animals website.

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