The World's Most Endangered Animals

Welcome to the World's Most Endangered Animals website. In this site you can find information on the ever increasing number of all the endangered animals in the world.

For every species that is living today, maybe a thousand more have lived before and became extinct. The top reason for animals becoming extinct is because of loss of habitat. Many rainforests are being destroyed, along with the hundreds of animals which live in it, for space to build homes for the increasing size of the human population and because of hunting by man. For example the white tiger, during the last century scientists had estimated that the population of this animal was once a large 40,000 but has since dropped to under 2,000. This demonstrates that the tiger and all the other beautiful species of animals which are nearly extinct desperately need our help to be saved.

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The African Elephant
The African Elephant is the largest of the three species of elephant. It lives in various habitats from hot deserts to high rainforests in Africa.
African Wild Dog
The African wild dog is canid as it lives in packs of 30 or more adults and pups. Only a dominant pair will breed and have a litter of 10-12 pups
The Andean Cat
Very little is known about the rare Andean cat or mountain cat’s habitat. The cat is small and sturdy with a long fuzzy tail.
Arctic Fox
The Arctic Fox is simply identified by its furry white winter coat. It is a small species of fox suited to one of the coldest places in the globe, the North Pole.
The Asian Elephant
The Asian elephant has tinier ears than the African subspecies and an amazing tip to their trunk.
Asiatic Black Bear
Familiar to the American black bear in appearance and habits, the Asiatic black bear will spend 50per cent of his time up in trees
The Bald Eagle
The bald eagle is a large powerfully-built bird with a wingspan of 2.5m. This species of eagle can be 71-96cm long and 3-6.5 kg.
The Clouded Leopard
The Clouded Leopard The name was given to this big cat by referring to the large cloud-like spots on its body .The spots are usually dark brown with a black outline.
The Coelacanth
The coelacanth was first seen alive in 1938. It is a common example of a living fossil as it belongs to a herd of fish that was thought to have died out over 65 million years ago.
The Ethiopian Wolf
The Ethiopian wolf also known as the Abyssinian wolf, Abyssinian fox, red jackal, Simien fox, or Simien jackal.
Giant Forest Hog
The giant forest hog is the largest of the pig family. The hog can be found in West, Central and east Africa.
The Giant Panda
The Giant Panda Instantly familiar as the earth wide logo of conservation this species of panda’s own survival is stilla long way from safe.
The Grey Wolf
The grey wolf is the largest of the dog family and the ancestor of the domestic house dog.
Mexican Owl
The Mexican owl, unlike most owls has dark eyes and is usually an ashy-chestnut brown color with white and brown spots.
The Mexican Wolf
The Mexican Wolf is a small subspecies of North American gray wolves. It is also the most endangered. It is most usually known in Mexico as El Lobo
The Snow Leopard
The Snow Leopard resembles the leopard in its variety of food. It lives in central and South East Asia.
The Vaquita
The Vaquita By having a very restricted habitat range in shallow waters less than 40m this makes this animal the most vulnerable of all the sea mammals.
The Western Gorilla
The Western Gorilla The largest living of the primate family, these gorillas are day active forest dwellers that feed on a variety of foods such as fruits, leaves, stems and seeds
The White Shark
Also known as a great white shark or white pointer, this species of shark has been blamed for more attacks on man than any other shark – but in fact research shows the most human victims are quickly
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Top Ten Endangered Animals
Here is a list of the top ten endangered animals in the world right now according to the World Wildlife Fund Organization (WWF)
The Black Rhino
The black rhino is a huge animal which is described to have a prehistoric kind of appearance. They can be found in the forests or rainforests of Asia and Africa.
The Iberian Lynx
The Iberian lynx is extremely rare but completely protected by the law. It is about half the size of the Eurasian lynx
The Blue Whale
The largest animal on the planet, the blue whale can consume more than six tonnes of Euphausiidae (tiny crustaceans) of which its diet almost exclusively consists.
The Cahow
The cahow is probably the world’s rarest sea bird. It has been to the brink of extinction, at around the 17th century, and back.
The Golden Lion Tamarin
The golden lion tamarin weighs twice the average for the marmoset and tamarind group. The face is dark grey and the hands, fingers and claws are long and narrow to probe into bark and crevices for gru
The Giant Armadillo
The largest armadillo, the giant armadillo has approximately twelve slightly flexible hinged plates over its body and three to four over its neck.
The Mexican Burrowing Snake
The Mexican Burrowing Snake This Mexican constrictor snake has a slender head and cylindrical, powerfully built body of a burrowing species.
The Zambezi Shark
The Zambezi shark, also known as the bull shark, is well known for being the culprit of many killings in Southern Africa in 1957.
The Silvery Gibbon
The silvery gibbon has pale eyebrows; cheeks and beard merge with a dark blue or grey head cap.
The Round Island Boa
The Round Island Boa Being unsuccessfully known and hardly ever seen, it is no surprise that this island boa is one of the rarest snakes in the world.
The Kakapo
The Kakapo is one of the world’s most endangered birds as it is extinct in the wild.
The Corroboree Frog
The Corroboree Frog is a rare and also one of Australia’s most colourful amphibians.
The Fin Whale
The fin whale is the second largest whale but also one of the fastest. It can be found in worldwide oceans except the East Mediterranean sea, Baltic Sea, Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.
The Hector's Dolphin
The Hector’s dolphin is one of the smallest dolphins. It is 1.2-1.5m long and in or around 57kg in weight. The species is similar to a porpoise
The Sand Cat
The Sand Cat This cat survives on fluids on in its food with very small extra water. Even though it has blunt claws, this miniature cat digs well to search for its prey which consists of gerbils and
Alligator Snapping Turtle
The alligator snapping turtle is an alarming animal and also the world’s largest freshwater turtle.
The Sumatran Rhino
The Sumatran Rhino is known to be the smallest and most threatened of the five species of rhino which are alive today.
The Peregrine Falcon
The peregrine falcon is a bird of prey or a raptor which have hooked beaks and muscular talons. The adults have blue-gray wings.
The Orangutan
The orangutan is the only great ape that occurs outside Africa, and is the biggest arboreal mammal in the world.
The Komodo Dragon
The komodo dragon known to be a real-life dragon and also the world’s largest reptile by being about 9 ft long and around 300lbs.
The Sand Fox
The Rueppells fox, which is also called the sand fox, is similar to the red fox only it has a smaller body.
The Bobcat
The Bobcat This species of wild cat is the most common species of wild cat in North America.
The Narwhal
The Narwhal, also known as the unicorn of the ocean, is one of the rarest whales in the world. It is very mysterious in its behaviour.
The Riverine Rabbit
The Riverine Rabbit lives in South Africas Karoo Desert. It has long moveable ears with a shady coffee colour streak running from the edge of the mouth
Amazonian Manatee
The tiniest member of the manatee family, the Amazonian manatee can be distinguished by its smooth rubbery skin and lack of vestigial nails on its flippers.
Chinese Shrew Mole.
Like its relative the inquisitive shrew mole, the Chinese shrew mole resembles more of a shrew than a mole.
The Blobfish
The blobfish is probably one of the ugliest creatures you will ever see. They live in and around the coast of Australia and Tasmania at a depth of 800 meters.
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